Monday, June 21, 2021

IELTS Exam Prediction (Academic) - 01st July 2021


IELTS Exam Prediction (Academic) - 01st July  

After analyzing a lot of previous topics and test papers reviews we have made a  list of topics and types of questions that have maximum possibilities to get questioned in the next 01st July IELTS exam.

Please take look at it and get prepared yourself with the following topics and types of questions so that you can perform well in your exam.


Listening Overall - Moderate

Part 1 - (Easy) - Fill in the blanks

Part 2 - (Moderate) - Match the info/MCQ

Part 3 - (Easy to Moderate) - MCQ

Part 4 - (Easy) - Fillups


Reading overall - Moderate

Passage - 1 (Moderate) - List of heading/Fillups

Passage - 2 (Moderate) - Choose the correct option summary

Passage - 3 (Easy) - Match the information (Yes/No/Not given)


Writing - Moderate

Task - 1 (Academic)  - Topics related to this (Map, line graph, pie chart)

Task - 2 (Opinion) (Both views) - Topics related to this (Traffic, Globalisation, Education, Family, Children )

Please give feedback after your exam if you find it useful.

Comment below your experience.

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